Take Better Notes Using an App

Which apps are the best?

The importance of note taking to a college student cannot be overemphasized.  It allows students to take down key points in a systemic way.

While there are so many you can choose from.  It is noteworthy to mention that the heavyweights in the industry are Evernote and Microsoft OneNote which closely follows behind. These Note-Taking- Apps can do almost anything!!


Evernote and Microsoft OneNote offer services that enable multimedia notes, as well as line blurring tools.  A feature which makes these Apps the perfect choice for personal and work or business.

It,  isn’t a surprise that; even when Evernote increased the price and reduced the quality of service to their lower tier utilizers some few years back, their paying users still could not walk away.  There is no other App available that offers the same premium service like Evernote.

There is no arguing the fact that it is a good thing to have different options to choose from, but knowing what to look out for in an ideal Note-Taking- App is very essential.


What features do you need?


  1. Organizational Tools:

This one feature of Note-Taking- Apps that distinguishes one from the other. With a Note-Taking- App that offers world-class organizational tools, note- taking will be a thing of fun.


While OneNote utilizes notebooks, pages, and sections, for instance, Evernote offers a variety of Organizational Tools like notebooks, notes, tags and stacks of notebooks.


  1. Web Clipper:

If a Note-Taking- App does not offer a Web Clipper feature, trust me, you don’t want to settle for such an App. The reason is that; without a Web Clipper, you won’t be able to save vital things you see on the web to your Note-Taking- Apps.


This feature is offered by both Evernote and OneNote with the options to save only key content or an entire web page.


  1. Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

This Organizational Tool is excellent for snapping images of text. Although google keep can transcribe image text into typed forms to allow you copy and paste for editing or used that way, Evernote premium and OneNote can directly read OCR text from images.


OneNote also has a unique feature known as Digital Ink that is capable of transforming hand-written content into typed text on tablet devices. This feature will be of great help to college students who write equations; it will save them the stress of trying to input such contents with the keyboard.


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