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Zooarchaeology (Cambridge Manuals in Archaeology)

Edition: 2
Author: Elizabeth J. Reitz - Elizabeth S. Wing
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Release Year: 2008
ISBN13: 9780521673938
ISBN10: 521673933
This book serves as an introductory text for students interested in identification and analysis of animal remains from archaeological sites. This… revised edition reflects developments in zooarchaeology that have occurredRead More

Zooarchaeology and Field Ecology: A Photographic Atlas

Edition: n/a
Author: Jack M Broughton - Shawn D. Miller
Publisher: University of Utah Press
Release Year: 2016
ISBN13: 9781607814856
ISBN10: 1607814854

Zoobiquity: What Animals Can Teach Us About Health and the Science of Healing

Edition: 1
Author: Barbara Natterson-Horowitz - Kathryn Bowers
Publisher: Knopf
Release Year: 2012
ISBN13: 9780307593481
ISBN10: 307593487

ZooBorns!: Zoo Babies from Around the World

Edition: n/a
Author: Andrew Bleiman - Chris Eastland
Publisher: Beach Lane Books
Release Year: 2010
ISBN13: 9781442412729
ISBN10: 1442412720
Pulled from the pages of the wildly popular ZooBorns blog, this picture book presents the most charming critters ever: baby animals, ranging from the adorable to the zany! Featuring full-colorRead More

Zoodles: A Book of Riddles About Animals (Read-It! Joke Books)

Edition: n/a
Author: Michael Dahl
Publisher: Picture Window Books
Release Year: 2003
ISBN13: 9781404802308
ISBN10: 1404802304

Zoologies: On Animals and the Human Spirit

Edition: n/a
Author: Alison Hawthorne Deming
Publisher: Milkweed Editions
Release Year: 2014
ISBN13: 9781571313485
ISBN10: 1571313486


Edition: n/a
Author: Gillian Clarke
Publisher: Carcanet Press Ltd.
Release Year: 2017
ISBN13: 9781784102166
ISBN10: 1784102164


Edition: 7
Author: Stephen Miller - John Harley
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/Math
Release Year: 2006
ISBN13: 9780073228075
ISBN10: 0073228079


Edition: 6
Author: Stephen A. Miller - John P. Harley
Publisher: McGraw-Hill College
Release Year: 2004
ISBN13: 9780072528367
ISBN10: 0072528362


Edition: 9
Author: Stephen Miller - John Harley
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
Release Year: 2012
ISBN13: 9780073524177
ISBN10: 0073524174


Edition: 10
Author: Stephen Miller - John Harley
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
Release Year: 2015
ISBN13: 9780077837273
ISBN10: 0077837274


Edition: 8
Author: Stephen Miller - John Harley
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
Release Year: 2009
ISBN13: 9780073028200
ISBN10: 73028207
The 8th edition of Zoology continues to offer students an introductory general zoology text that is manageable in size and adaptable to a variety of… course formats. It is aRead More