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Zen and the comic spirit

Edition: n/a
Author: M. Conrad Hyers
Publisher: Rider
Release Year: 1974
ISBN13: 9780091175214
ISBN10: 91175216

Zen and the Practice of Teaching English

Edition: First Printing
Author: Robert Tremmel
Publisher: Heinemann
Release Year: 1999
ISBN13: 9780867094800
ISBN10: 86709480
This book represents the first serious attempt by an educator to combine the practice of teaching English with fundamental principles of Zen in an effort to help teachers achieve aRead More

Zen Art for Meditation

Edition: Thirteenth Printing
Author: Stewart W. Holmes - Chimyo Horioka
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
Release Year: 1978
ISBN13: 9780804812559
ISBN10: 804812551
This book is about emptiness and silence&#8212the mind-expanding emptiness of Zen painting, and the reverberating silence of haiku poetry. Through… imaginative participation in the visions of painters and poets, itsRead More

Zen at War (2nd Edition)

Edition: 2nd
Author: Brian Daizen Victoria
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Release Year: 2006
ISBN13: 9780742539266
ISBN10: 742539261
A compelling history of the contradictory, often militaristic, role of Zen Buddhism, this book meticulously documents the close and previously unknown… support of a supposedly peaceful religion for Japanese militarismRead More

Zen Buddhism and Environmental Ethics (Ashgate World Philosophies Series)

Edition: 1
Author: Simon P. James
Publisher: Routledge
Release Year: 2004
ISBN13: 9780754613688
ISBN10: 754613682
Explores the implications of Zen Buddhist teachings and practices for our moral relations with the natural world. In elucidating the philosophical… implications of Zen, the author draws upon both EasternRead More

Zen Buddhism: Selected Writings of D. T. Suzuki

Edition: Reissue
Author: Daisetz T. Suzuki
Publisher: Doubleday
Release Year: 1996
ISBN13: 9780385483490
ISBN10: 38548349
No other figure in history has played a bigger part in opening the West to Buddhism than the eminent Zen author, D.T. Suzuki, and in this reissue of his… bestRead More

Zen Enlightenment: Origins and Meaning

Edition: 2nd
Author: Heinrich Dumoulin
Publisher: Shambhala
Release Year: 2007
ISBN13: 9781590305294
ISBN10: 1590305299
Enlightenment, the cosmic experience of universal unity, is a notoriously elusive concept in Zen. Here, the renowned scholar Heinrich Dumoulin traces the development of Zen and the concept of enlightenmentRead More

Zen Flesh Zen Bones: A Collection of Zen and Pre-Zen Writings

Edition: Paperback with Flaps
Author: n/a
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
Release Year: 1998
ISBN13: 9780804831864
ISBN10: 804831866
When Zen Flesh, Zen Bones was published in 1957 it became an instant sensation with an entire generation of readers who were just beginning to… experiment with Zen. Over theRead More

Zen Guitar

Edition: Revised ed.
Author: Philip Toshio Sudo
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Release Year: 1998
ISBN13: 9780684838779
ISBN10: 68483877
Unleash the song of your soul with Zen Guitar, a contemplative handbook that draws on ancient Eastern wisdom and applies it to music and performance. Publishers Weekly In a charmingRead More

Zen in the Art of Archery

Edition: Later Printing
Author: Eugen Herrigel
Publisher: Vintage Books
Release Year: 1999
ISBN13: 9780375705090
ISBN10: 375705090
Finally on Audio–a Classic of Zen Buddhist LiteratureIt is almost impossible to understand Zen by studying it as you would other intellectual pursuits…. The best way to understand Zen is,Read More

Zen in the Art of Writing: Releasing the Creative Genius Within You

Edition: n/a
Author: Ray Bradbury
Publisher: Bantam
Release Year: 1992
ISBN13: 9780553296341
ISBN10: 553296345
"Every morning I jump out of bed and step on  a land mine. The land mine is me. After the  explosion, I spend the rest of the day putting the  pieces back together.Read More

Zen in the Martial Arts

Edition: n/a
Author: Joe Hyams
Publisher: Bantam
Release Year: 1982
ISBN13: 9780553275599
ISBN10: 553275593
"A man who has attained mastery of an art reveals it in his every action."–Samurai Maximum. Under the guidance of such celebrated masters as Ed Parker and the immortal BruceRead More