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World Englishes: The Study of New Linguistic Varieties (Key Topics in Sociolinguistics)

Edition: n/a
Author: Rajend Mesthrie - Rakesh M. Bhatt
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Release Year: 2008
ISBN13: 9780521797337
ISBN10: 521797330
The spread of English around the world has been and continues to be both rapid and unpredictable. World Englishes: The Study of New Linguistic Varieties… deals with this inescapable resultRead More

World Enough and Time: Conversations with Canadian Women at Midlife

Edition: n/a
Author: Andrea Mudry
Publisher: Dundurn
Release Year: 1996
ISBN13: 9781550022681
ISBN10: 1550022687

World Ethics

Edition: 1
Author: Wanda Torres-Gregory - Donna Giancola
Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing
Release Year: 2002
ISBN13: 9780534512712
ISBN10: 534512712
Unique among multicultural-minded introduction to ethics textbooks, WORLD ETHICS is first and foremost an introduction to ethical theory, not to applied… ethics. And unique among introduction to ethical theory textbooks,Read More

World Ethics and Climate Change: From International to Global Justice (Edinburgh Studies in World Ethics)

Edition: 1
Author: Paul G. Harris
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
Release Year: 2010
ISBN13: 9780748639106
ISBN10: 748639101
Global warming and climate change present profound challenges, with scientific predictions of devastating impact in the coming decades, yet rich… countries are doing little to address the problem and developingRead More

World Faiths – an Introduction: Teach Yourself (Teach Yourself – General)

Edition: n/a
Author: Paul Oliver
Publisher: Teach Yourself Books
Release Year: 2010
ISBN13: 9781444105131
ISBN10: 1444105132

World finance, 1914-1935 (International finance)

Edition: n/a
Author: Paul Einzig
Publisher: Arno Press
Release Year: 1978
ISBN13: 9780405112157
ISBN10: 405112157

World Food Unlimited: Producing Abundant, Safe Food, Sustainably, Using Modern Agricultural Technologies

Author: John (Jack) L DeWitt
Publisher: World Food Unlimited
Release Year:
ISBN13: 9780692979617
ISBN10: 0692979611

World Food: An Encyclopedia of History, Culture and Social Influence from Hunter Gatherers to the Age of Globalization

Edition: 1
Author: Mary Ellen Snodgrass
Publisher: Routledge
Release Year:
ISBN13: 9780765682789
ISBN10: 0765682788

World Fusion

Edition: n/a
Author: Michael Glenzel
Publisher: Independently published
Release Year: 2017
ISBN13: 9781520627014
ISBN10: 1520627017

World Fusion Drumming: Rhythmic Concepts Using the Beat, the Body and the Brain

Edition: n/a
Author: Skip Hadden
Publisher: Alfred Music
Release Year: 2001
ISBN13: 9780769220215
ISBN10: 0769220215

World Geography of Travel and Tourism: A Regional Approach

Edition: 1
Author: Alan Lew - C. Michael Hall - Dallen J. Timothy
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann
Release Year: 2008
ISBN13: 9780750679787
ISBN10: 750679786
World Geography of Travel and Tourism addresses the need to understand the cultural, environmental, historical and political context in which… international tourism takes place. The expert author team has includedRead More


Edition: Student
Release Year: 2007
ISBN13: 9780133652918
ISBN10: 133652912