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Understanding and Controlling Stuttering A Comprehensive New Approach Based on the Valsalva Hypothesis – The Revised and Expanded 3rd Edition

Edition: 3 Revised and Expanded
Author: William D. Parry
Publisher: Natl Stuttering Assn
Release Year: 2013
ISBN13: 9781929773244
ISBN10: 1929773242

Understanding and Counseling Persons with Alcohol, Drug, and Behavioral Addictions

Edition: Rev and Enl ed.
Author: Howard J Clinebell Jr Trustee
Publisher: Abingdon Press
Release Year: 1998
ISBN13: 9780687025640
ISBN10: 687025648
For more than a decade, Howard Clinebell’s Understanding and Counseling the Alcoholic has been considered the standard work in the field. This updated… edition of Clinebell’s earlier book expands hisRead More

Understanding and Crafting the Mix: The Art of Recording

Edition: 2
Author: William Moylan
Publisher: Focal Press
Release Year: 2006
ISBN13: 9780240807553
ISBN10: 240807553
Understanding and Crafting the Mix gives you clear and systematic methods for identifying, evaluating, and shaping the artistic elements in music and audio recording. The exercises throughout help you toRead More

Understanding and Dismantling Racism: The Twenty-First Century Challenge to White America (Facets)

Edition: 48665th
Author: Joseph Barndt
Publisher: Fortress Press
Release Year: 2007
ISBN13: 9780800662226
ISBN10: 800662229
No issue has so daunted American life and history as that of race. Joseph Barndt’s powerful, personal, yet practical work reframes race and racism in a new way for aRead More

Understanding and Engaging Adolescents

Edition: n/a
Author: n/a
Publisher: Corwin
Release Year: 2009
ISBN13: 9781412970013
ISBN10: 1412970016
Inspire adolescents’ participation and boost their academic, research, metacognitive, and social skills through proven motivators, brain-compatible activities, study skills strategies, and the effective use of technology. VOYA Drawing from aRead More

Understanding and Evaluating Educational Research

Edition: n/a
Author: James H. McMillan - Jon F. Wergin
Publisher: San Val
Release Year: 2005
ISBN13: 9781417751341
ISBN10: 1417751347

Understanding and Evaluating Educational Research (4th Edition)

Edition: 4
Author: James H. McMillan - Jon F. Wergin
Publisher: Pearson
Release Year: 2009
ISBN13: 9780135016787
ISBN10: 135016789
For courses in Research Methods in Education. Understanding and Evaluating Research, third edition, is a supplemental textbook appropriate for all courses in educational research. A reader, this text contains quantitativeRead More

Understanding and Evaluating Educational Research (Addison-Wesley series in education)

Edition: n/a
Author: Jean Royer Dyer
Publisher: Addison-Wesley
Release Year: 1979
ISBN13: 9780201011845
ISBN10: 0201011840

Understanding and Evaluating Qualitative Educational Research

Edition: n/a
Author: Marilyn V. Lichtman
Publisher: SAGE Publications, Inc
Release Year: 2010
ISBN13: 9781412975261
ISBN10: 1412975263
Illustrating the techniques of qualitative research to help readers learn to read, analyze, and design studies themselves Taking a well-rounded and practical look at qualitative educational research, this book focusesRead More

Understanding and Facilitating Adult Learning: A Comprehensive Analysis of Principles and Effective Practices

Edition: Reprint
Author: Stephen D. Brookfield
Publisher: Jossey-Bass
Release Year: 1991
ISBN13: 9781555423551
ISBN10: 1555423558
1986 Winner of the Imogene Okes Award and the Cyril O. Houle World Award for Literature in Adult EducationThe first book to receive both the Imogene… Okes Award and theRead More

Understanding and Facilitating Organizational Change in Higher Education in the 21st Century

Edition: 1
Author: Adrianna Kezar
Publisher: Jossey-Bass
Release Year: 2001
ISBN13: 9780787958374
ISBN10: 787958379
Provides a synthesis of scholarly research literature on the process of organizational change at the institutional level. Kezar (education, U. of Maryland-College Park) presents a common language for organizational change;Read More

Understanding and Implementing ISO 9000 and Other ISO Standards (2nd Edition)

Edition: 2
Author: David L. Goetsch - Stanley Davis
Publisher: Pearson
Release Year: 2001
ISBN13: 9780130411068
ISBN10: 13041106
As organizations that compete in the global marketplace seek to achieve peak performance, worldclass quality, and personnel improvement, interest in… ISO 9000 certification has gained worldwide momentum. This practical resourceRead More