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“…the real war will never get in the books”: Selections from Writers During the Civil War

Edition: 1
Author: n/a
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Release Year: 1995
ISBN13: 9780195098372
ISBN10: 195098374
“These thousands, and tens and twenties of thousands of American young men, badly wounded, all sorts of wounds, operated on, pallid with diarrhea,… languishing, dying with fever, pneumonia, &c. openRead More

“A Man who does not exist”: The Irish Peasant in the Work of W. B. Yeats and J. M. Synge

Edition: n/a
Author: Deborah Fleming
Publisher: University of Michigan Press
Release Year: 1996
ISBN13: 9780472105816
ISBN10: 472105817
A unique perspective on Yeats’s and Synge’s contributions to the literature of revolutionary Ireland   “A Man who does not exist”: The Irish Peasant in the Work of W. B.Read More

“A New Kind of War”: America’s Global Strategy and the Truman Doctrine in Greece

Edition: New Ed
Author: Howard Jones
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Release Year: 1997
ISBN13: 9780195113853
ISBN10: 195113853
America’s experience in Greece has often been cited as a model by those later policymakers in Washington who regard the involvement as a “victory” for… American foreign policy. Indeed, PresidentRead More

“A Problem from Hell”: America and the Age of Genocide

Edition: Reprint
Author: Samantha Power
Publisher: Basic Books
Release Year: 2013
ISBN13: 9780465061518
ISBN10: 465061516

“A Raisin in the Sun” (Modern Classics)

Edition: n/a
Author: Lorraine Hansberry
Publisher: Methuen Drama
Release Year: 2001
ISBN13: 9780413762405
ISBN10: 0413762408

“A Room of One’s Own, and Three Guineas (Oxford World’s Classics)

Edition: n/a
Author: Virginia Woolf
Publisher: Oxford Paperbacks
Release Year: 1998
ISBN13: 9780192834843
ISBN10: 192834843
In these texts, Virginia Woolf considers the implications of the historical exclusion of women from education and from economic independence. In “A Room… of One’s Own” (1929), she examines theRead More

“A Strange Sort of Being”: The Transgender Life of Lucy Ann / Joseph Israel Lobdell, 1829-1912

Edition: n/a
Author: Bambi L. Lobdell
Publisher: McFarland
Release Year: 2011
ISBN13: 9780786448050
ISBN10: 786448059
Born in 1829 to a working-class family in upstate New York, Lucy Ann Lobdell was not your average girl. Donning her brother’s clothes, she worked on the… farm and inRead More

“Age Doesn’t Matter Unless You’re a Cheese”: Wisdom from Our Elders

Edition: 1st Edition 1st Printing
Author: Kathryn Petras - Ross Petras
Publisher: Workman Publishing Company
Release Year: 2002
ISBN13: 9780761125181
ISBN10: 0761125183
It’s ill-becoming for an old broad to sing about how bad she wants it. But occasionally we do. -Lena Horne “I take a simple view of living. It is: KeepRead More

“All Governments Lie”: The Life and Times of Rebel Journalist I. F. Stone

Edition: Reprint
Author: Myra MacPherson
Publisher: Scribner
Release Year: 2008
ISBN13: 9781416556794
ISBN10: 1416556796
Boasting equal parts scholarship and style, “All Governments Lie” is a highly readable, groundbreaking, and timely look at I. F. Stone — one of… America’s most independent and revered journalists,Read More

“All the Real Indians Died Off”: And 20 Other Myths About Native Americans

Edition: n/a
Author: Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz - Dina Gilio-Whitaker
Publisher: Beacon Press
Release Year: 2016
ISBN13: 9780807062654
ISBN10: 0807062650

“And what are you going to do for us?”: Audition Pieces From Canadian Plays

Edition: 2
Author: n/a
Publisher: Dundurn
Release Year: 1980
ISBN13: 9780889241442
ISBN10: 0889241449