Zwilling’s Dream

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This richly ironic comedy is a nimble juggle of shifting realities—named by the Los Angeles Times one of the Best Books of 1999.

Joel Zwilling is emerging as a literary wunderkind. But when Joel's wife and daughter are killed in a car accident, he is left with a young son, and a resulting writer's block as unmoving as a pyramid. Over the next two decades, Joel's career will be all but eclipsed by that of his son, Nate. Thus Nate is astounded—and jealous—when his father is approached by a slick director who wants to capture his tragic early work on film. As the director and his sensual assistant bedevil father and son, the retributions rain down upon all sides.

Author Biography: Ross Feld is the author of five previous books. He lives in Cincinnati.

Andrea Gollin

Complex and extremely well-written account of the way life's circumstances can take away almost everything, and then how, with passage of time, with accidents, coincidences, and the fragments of barely remembered dreams, people can will themselves to go on, to fashion a life for themselves.


Zwilling's Dream

Author: Ross Feld
Publisher: Counterpoint
ISBN13: 9781582431390
ISBN10: 1582431396