ZooBorns!: Zoo Babies from Around the World

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Pulled from the pages of the wildly popular ZooBorns blog, this picture book presents the most charming critters ever: baby animals, ranging from the adorable to the zany! Featuring full-color photographs on every page and a cozy text perfect for reading aloud, this book is bound to become a must-have for animal lovers of all ages.

Publishers Weekly

Agonizingly adorable photographs of newborn animals steal the spotlight in this introduction to a baby fox, hyena, tiger, mongoose, and more. The closeup, full-bleed images appear opposite brief, exuberant prose written from each animal's perspective ("They call me Rooby, and I'm a kangaroo. What's a gal to do when her fur hasn't grown in yet?"). For those seeking greater detail, an appendix includes the animals' conservation status, information about their traits and habits, and the zoos and parks where they make their homes. Ages 2-up. (Oct.)


ZooBorns!: Zoo Babies from Around the World

Author: Andrew Bleiman - Chris Eastland
Publisher: Beach Lane Books
ISBN13: 9781442412729
ISBN10: 1442412720