Statistics: Informed Decisions Using Data (3rd Edition)


Michael Sullivan’s Statistics: Informed Decisions Using Data, Third Edition, connects statistical concepts to readers’ lives, helping them to think critically, become informed consumers, and make better decisions. Throughout the book, “Putting It Together” features help readers visualize the relationships among various statistical concepts. This feature extends to the exercises, providing a consistent vision of the bigger picture of statistics.

GETTING THE INFORMATION YOU NEED: Data Collection; DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS: Organizing and Summarizing Data; Numerically Summarizing Data; Describing the Relation between Two Variables; PROBABILITY AND PROBABILITY DISTRIBUTIONS: Probability; Discrete Probability Distributions; The Normal Probability Distribution; INFERENCE: FROM SAMPLES TO POPULATION: Sampling Distributions; Estimating the Value of a Parameter Using Confidence Intervals; Hypothesis Tests Regarding a Parameter; Inferences on Two Samples; Inference on Categorical Data; Comparing Three or More Means; Inference on the Least-Squares Regression Model and Multiple Regression; Nonparametric Statistics (on CD)

For all readers interested in introductory statistics.


Statistics: Informed Decisions Using Data (3rd Edition)

Author: Michael Sullivan III
Publisher: Pearson
ISBN13: 9780321568021
ISBN10: 321568028

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