Solutions Manual for Wade’s Organic Chemistry, 6th Edition

The Solutions Manual, prepared by Jan W. Simek of California Polytechnic State University, contains complete solutions to all the problems. The... Solutions Manual also gives helpful hints on how to approach each kind of problem. This supplement is a useful aid for any student, and it is particularly valuable for students who feel they understand the material but need more help with problem solving. Appendix 1 of the Solutions Manual summarizes the IUPAC system of nomenclature. Appendix 2 reviews and demonstrates how acidity varies with structure in organic molecules, and how one can predict the direction of an acid--base equilibrium. Brief answers to many of the in-chapter problems are given at the back of this book. These answers are sufficient for a student on the right track, but they are of limited use to one who is having difficulty working the problems.


Solutions Manual for Wade's Organic Chemistry, 6th Edition

Author: Jan Simek
Publisher: Prentice Hall
ISBN13: 9780131478824
ISBN10: 131478826

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