Public and Private Families: An Introduction


Nationally recognized for its sound scholarship and balanced approach and written by one of the leading authorities in the field, this text examines the family through two lenses: the familiar private family in which we live most of our personal lives, and the public family in which we, as adults, deal with broader societal issues such as the care of the elderly, the increase in divorce, and childbearing outside of marriage. The book looks at intimate personal concerns, such as whether to marry, as well as societal concerns, such as governmental policies that affect families. Distinctive chapters - Chapter 9, "Children and Parents;" Chapter 10, "Older Persons and Their Families;" and Chapter 14, "The Family, the State and Social Policy" - examine issues of great current interest, such as income assistance to poor families, the effects of out-of-home childcare, and the costs of the Social Security and Medicare programs.


New edition of a sociology text presenting the concepts of the private family and the public family and examining how sociologists study them. Coverage encompasses the larger social structures in which family relations are embedded, and the activities of private life such as dating, courtship, and cohabitation. The final section deals with the consequences of conflict and of inequalities of power. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.


Public and Private Families: An Introduction

Author: Andrew J. Cherlin
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social Sciences/Languages
ISBN13: 9780073404356
ISBN10: 73404357

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