Human Anatomy, 3rd Edition


With its unrivaled art program and accessible writing style, McKinley/O'Loughlin's Human Anatomy stands apart from other anatomy texts. High-quality photographs paired with brilliantly rendered illustrations help students visualize, understand, and appreciate the wonders of human anatomy. Student-friendly Study Tips, Clinical View boxes, and progressive question sets motivate students to internalize and apply what they've learned. The second edition has been refined based on reviewer feedback to offer an even stronger version of this highly acclaimed textbook.

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Reviewer:John K. Hubbard, PhD, PT(Texas A&M University Health Science Center)
Description:This second edition provides a complete view of the human body on every level, encompassing embryology, histology, and neurology, along with the gross anatomical structures expected. The book covers every system of the body in an organized fashion, and provides students with all of the basic information necessary to transition to the detailed knowledge required in graduate studies of human anatomy.
Purpose:The book is designed for advanced undergraduate students in preprofessional programs of study and serves as a primer for all of the basics of human anatomy. The authors attempt to produce a book that was complete, factual, and most importantly, readable for today's undergraduate students. With the current trend towards Internet learning combined with the decreasing propensity of students to actually buy and read textbooks, these are worthy objectives that these authors have certainly succeeded in achieving.
Audience:With their many years of educating undergraduate students in human anatomy, the authors recognized a need for a complete, readable anatomical textbook that this audience can and will read. (Since human physiology is not addressed, it would be inappropriate for combined anatomy/physiology courses.) This is a wonderful contribution to the field. When I look back on the undergraduate and entry level anatomy courses I have taken and taught, I wish that this book had been available for both me and my students. It contains all of the basic information for understanding the structures of the body and how these systems fit together.
Features:The book covers the human body from a systems point of view instead of regionally. Beginning with cellular structure, the authors take readers through basic embryology, basic tissue types, and then through the body, system by system. The systemic layout is well organized with each chapter following the same basic layout, enabling readers to become familiar and comfortable with how to read the text. The authors begin with the musculoskeletal system, progress to the nervous system, then finish with special senses and the organ systems. The illustrations and cadaveric dissection photographs, many of which I would like to incorporate in my lectures, are of excellent detail and quality. Throughout the book, the authors provide clinical correlations and challenge questions encouraging students to think about what they are reading and relate it to real conditions. Muscle structure, attachments, and innervations are presented concisely so as to not frustrate the reader with extraneous detail. The chapter summaries serve as a good review, and the chapter tests cover major content in multiple formats.
Assessment:This is an excellent anatomy text for undergraduate students. It is well written, contains appropriate detail, and covers all essential elements of anatomy, histology, embryology, and neurology. Among anatomy textbooks, this is the most readable I have encountered. It should be seriously considered for adoption for any undergraduate anatomy curriculum.


Human Anatomy, 3rd Edition

Author: Michael McKinley - Valerie Dean O'Loughlin
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
ISBN13: 9780073378091
ISBN10: 73378097

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