Handbook of Psychophysiology


This reference provides coverage of research on the biological bases of cognition, emotion, and behavior.

Robert M. Carney

This is a comprehensive, if not exhaustive, review of psychophysiology. It is a revised, expanded, and much improved version of Principles of Psychophysiology edited by two of the three editors of this text. The purpose is to provide an overview of the field of psychophysiology, including a consideration of the theoretical and even philosophical foundations of modern psychophysiology. The inclusion of chapters concerning relatively new but highly promising approaches including brain-imaging technologies is also of great significance. I am sure that most researchers and teachers of psychophysiology will want a copy. Other psychologists interested in this area will find it highly informative. This book would be an excellent text for graduate classes in psychophysiology. However, I think that some of the chapters may be too advanced for undergraduate classes to use, at least as their primary textbook. It may be of interest to neuroscience researchers outside of ""mainstream"" psychophysiology who are doing human research. As indicated above, this is a highly comprehensive overview of a complex and diverse area of study. The text could be read in its entirety, or chapters may be read selectively by individuals with more defined interests. Each chapter stands alone as a comprehensive review of its topic. Clearly, this book is destined to become a classic in the field and it will sit on my shelf. Both the chapter topics and the contributors are very well chosen. There is very little to compare it to in the field.


Handbook of Psychophysiology

Author: n/a
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN13: 9780521844710
ISBN10: 521844711

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