Foundations of American Education: Perspectives on Education in a Changing World (15th Edition)


Foundations of American Education

15th edition

Johnson, et al


This best-selling text prepares students for tomorrow’s classrooms through its thorough coverage of the foundations of American education, including the historical, legal, philosophical, social, and practical aspects of education. The fifteenth edition has been revised to engage future teachers in examining their changing role and the role of schools in today’s diverse society.   

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  • Prepare Teachers to Succeed in Tomorrow’s Classrooms
    • Chapter 6 Place of Schools in Society — Students are introduced to the different roles that schools play in our society. This chapter discusses the culture of schools, school choice, school levels, as well as rural, suburban, and urban schools, concluding with a discussion of effective schools.
    • Chapter 13 Becoming a High-Quality Teacher in a Changing World — Students explore the changing nature of education and the importance of learning through professional development and educational research to gain a better understanding of what it takes to become a high-quality teacher.
    • Integrated Coverage of Technology  — Studentscan now view technology as an integrated piece of the instructional and learning process rather than a separate entity.
    • Integrated Coverage of Educational Trends — Chapters conclude with a new Looking Ahead section that introduces students to educational trends related to each chapter topic. This awareness will help students think critically now about educational issues so they will be better equipped to make decisions in theirclassroom.


  • Prepare Teachers for Diverse Classrooms
    • Reflect on Diversity feature — Located in every chapter, students read about a real classroom situation dealing with diversity. Students can then apply their knowledge by going to this text’s online resource, MyEducationLab, to answer questions where they receive hints and feedback.   
    • Integrated diversity discussion — Students are introduced to the challenges and rewards of teaching in today’s diverse classrooms in each chapter.


  • Experience the Classroom
    • MyEducationLab provides easy-to-assign homework and other activities designed to engage your students and ensure that they come to class more prepared.  It saves you class time that is often spent reviewing the basics and lets you devote that time to a higher-level learning experience. Informed by evidence-based practice, MyEducationLab offers a window into real K-12 classrooms with assignments providing a personalized experience to enhance learning and improve your students' performance.
    • Go deeper and get a more applied understanding with the Power of Classroom Practice.  Help your students develop a deeper, more applied understanding of teaching and learning. In a recent study by the Center for Instructional Innovation at the University of Nebraska, students who used Building Teaching Skills and Dispositions exercises from MyEducationLab overwhelming reported that they knew more about the concepts and strategies covered in those exercises, even when they had previously studied those concepts and strategies in their courses. More than 95% of teacher education


Foundations of American Education: Perspectives on Education in a Changing World (15th Edition)

Author: James A. Johnson - Diann Musial - Gene E. Hall - D
Publisher: Pearson
ISBN13: 9780137012527
ISBN10: 137012527

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