Electric Circuits Fundamentals (8th Edition)


The 8th edition of this acclaimed book provides practical coverage of electric circuits. Well-illustrated and clearly written, the book contains a design and page layout that enhances visual interest and ease of use. The organization provides a logical flow of subject matter and the pedagogical features assure maximum comprehension. Some key features include:

  • “Symptom/Cause” problems, and exercises on Multisim circuits.
  • Key terms glossary–Furnished at the end of each chapter.
  • Vivid illustrations.
  • Numerous examples in each chapter–Illustrate major concepts, theorems, and methods.

    This is a perfect reference for professionals with a career in electronics, engineering, technical sales, field service, industrial manufacturing, service shop repair, and/or technical writing.


    The first part, covering DC circuits, addresses components, quantities, and units; voltage, current, and resistance in electric circuits; Ohm's Law, energy, and power; series circuits; parallel circuits; series-parallel circuits; and magnetism and electromagnetism. The second part treating AC circuits covers an introduction to alternating current and voltage; capacitators; inductors; transformers; RC circuits; RL circuits; RLC circuits and resonance; and pulse response of reactive circuits. Each chapter includes section reviews, worked examples, an assignment, and a summary. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.


    Electric Circuits Fundamentals (8th Edition)

    Author: Thomas L. Floyd
    Publisher: Pearson
    ISBN13: 9780135072936
    ISBN10: 13507293

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