Dancing Dinos Go to School (Step into Reading)


Dinos dancing in a book.
Dinos leaping, look, look, look!
Dinos pasting red and blue.
Dinos wasting paint and glue!

The dancing dinos are back, and this time, when their book turns up in a school library, they leap out and bring their musical mayhem to a kid’s classroom. This fun, rhyming Step 1 reader is perfect for back-to-school!

Children's Literature

This book is a "Step into Reading," Step 1 book that the publisher describes as having "big type and easy words for children who know the alphabet and are eager to begin reading." Lively green dinosaurs leap out of a library book, sneak into a class, practice the alphabet and counting, and head out to recess. When the bell rings, they race back to the school library and return to the pages of the book. Rhyming words and visual clues provide some help to make this a positive reading experience for beginners. Most of the vocabulary should be accessible for children who have been reading for a while, but words like "jiggling" and "wiggling" will be challenging for even those children, and visual clues do not help there. Like many early readers, the difficulty of the text exceeds the publisher's description. Parents looking for books that will provide rewarding experiences for the earliest readers "who know the alphabet" (the level the publisher says this book is appropriate for) will find this title to be more than they bargained for.


Dancing Dinos Go to School (Step into Reading)

Author: Sally Lucas - Margeaux Lucas
Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers
ISBN13: 9780375832413
ISBN10: 375832416

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