Big Bang: The Origin of the Universe


Singh (author of Fermat's Enigma) recounts the historical development of the theory and explains concepts and their significance in an extraordinarily friendly manner for general readers. His clear and engaging writing offers non-scientists an opportunity to experience some of the excitement of this intellectual achievement. Annotation ©2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

The Washington Post - Dennis Drabelle

Above all, Singh keeps track of the human stories behind the evolution of an idea. … Like Singh himself, Gamow could both do the science and make it comprehensible to lay readers, becoming famous for his fantasy Mr. Tompkins in Hollywood, "in which the speed of light was just a few kilometres per hour, so that a bicycle ride would reveal the weird effects of relativity. . . ."


Big Bang: The Origin of the Universe

Author: Simon Singh
Publisher: Harper Perennial
ISBN13: 9780007162215
ISBN10: 7162219

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