How to Find Textbook Coupons

It makes sense to save as much money as you can when you rent or purchase textbooks. So on top of finding great deals through’stime- and sanity-saving comparison tool, take advantage of coupons and promo codes that individual textbook sales and rental sites offer. Take your savings to a whole new level!

Textbook coupons are not always as simple to find as they are for grocery stores. You may have to do some hunting and check back periodically to find even better deals. So, first, make sure you leave enough time to purchase your textbooks to get the largest discount on your book purchases or rentals. When you leave yourself time to check around, you give yourself more time to save money. Remember that it can take a couple of weeks to receive your books in some cases, and you’ll want to have them at least by the first week of class.

We partner with dozens of online textbook retailers, and many of them offer discounts regularly. Visit the individual websites of the companies from which you would like to purchase your books to see if there are any specials, daily deals, free shipping offers, coupons, or promo codes being offered on the site., for instance, offers coupons on its website. If you scroll down a bit on the home page, you’ll see instructions for taking advantage of its discounts. Other companies do not have their discounts displayed so prominently on their homepages. KnetBooks offers coupons, but you need to scroll to the fine print at the bottom of its home page to find the link to the coupons.

The trick to finding coupons on companies’ websites is to look around the site carefully. While the promo codes may not be directly on the home page, there may be a link buried somewhere on the site. Check out the blog or latest news site of each site as well as some discounts may be advertised there as well.

Another way to get discounts is to sign up for the retailers’ email newsletters. You may receive a discount for first-time customers, and you will likely get discount offers each week in your inbox. Sign up for at least a couple of newsletters from companies that you think will have a good selection for the subjects you’re taking this semester at least a couple of weeks before you get your syllabi so you can have a couple of offers in hand when you’re ready to make your purchases.

Another option to find discounts is simply to do an online search for coupons and promo codes from the retailers that sell the books you want. RetailMeNot is one good source for discounts. You can simply search the site for textbook promo codes, and textbook retailers with discount offers will come up in your search. You can also search for individual sellers if there is one in particular from which you want to purchase. Other similar sites to RetailMeNot include and

For an even wider impact, search to find a textbook retailer with coupons. When you register on the site, choose your favorite good cause, find your coupons, and then purchase from that retailer. When you do, GoodShop will donate to your cause at no charge to you. Likewise, if you join CengageBrain‘s Extra Credit program and spend $60 or more on textbooks, you’ll receive a coupon for $6 off your books and CengageBrain will donate a dollar to a charity of your choice through June 2016.

Once you find the coupons, discounts, and promo codes you want, come back to to find the best deals from those retailers. We want you to save as much money as possible, and by doing just a bit of research, you will save a ton of money on your book bill each semester!

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