Do Friends Who Study Together, Succeed Together?

Well, the answer to this question can either be a yes or a no. In other words, it depends on some specific factors. So, the next time your friends say to you;

“Hey pal, let’s study together for our upcoming exam, what do you think?

Don’t be quick to say a yes or no.

You have to take those “certain factors” into consideration.

There are about two or three factors you should consider. So, without further ado, let’s delve in and analyze these factors, shall we?


Factor #1 is your personality:

The first thing you should consider in such a situation is the type of study approach that suits you most. While some students thrive or comprehend better in a group, others excel when they study alone.


To the latter category of students, the mere presence of someone else in the same space where they are studying can be a huge distraction to them. Those types of students are mostly introverts and would prefer to study in privacy with their headphones on listening to music.


If you know you are the private studying type, then I am afraid you don’t need to be in a group study. Therefore, studying with friends will only slow you down rather than do you any good.


Factor #2 is to consider your health:

You do know the health condition described as ADD, don’t you?

Well, in case you didn’t, those with ADD condition (Attention Deficit Disorder) have difficulty paying attention. Therefore, if you are a victim of this health condition, that implies you are easily distractible. In that case, I would not recommend studying with friends. Studying independently will be the best way of getting good grades for you.


Factor #3 is to consider the course you want to study for:

Whether or not you have an introvert personality or the ADD condition.There are some courses that you could use some help from friends to understand better. So, the next time your friends ask you to join them for group study, do so if the course is one of such that have to do with problem-solving.


The reason is that; team-work is a more efficient study method for problem solving courses. Group studycanexpose you to different ideas or approaches to solving each problem. But if the reverse is the case and the course/courses are those that require more of memorization, then my advice is study alone.


So, those are the three factors to consider before deciding whether or not study with friends. So, in the absence factors #1 and 2, you are free to study with your mates albeit, there are three “don’ts” you must not ignore, and they are:


  1. Do not study with friends who are not preparing for an exam like you. Doing so will not do you any good. If your friends only have their assignment to study for, that means their level of seriousness or focus won’t be same as yours.


  1. Do not think about studying with someone you are crushing on; it will amount to you “shooting yourself in the foot.” Your time together will most likely end up being some date.Trust me, the periods before your exams are not the right time for you to be flirting or hanging out. That can wait till the exams are over.


  1. Do not study with a group of people who are as clueless as the word itself whether or not they are your friends. If you do that, you will be defeating the purpose of group study which is for sharing of ideas because someone without any clue definitely would not have an idea to share.


In summary, the next time you are asked by your friends to join them for group study. Do not fail to consider the above factors before you make your decision. So, what’s your take? Do you agree that friends who study together, succeed together? Or you think otherwise?

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