10 Totally Flexible Ways to Make Money in College without Dropping Classes

It is common knowledge that most college students do work and study. However, balancing work and school can be quite the challenge. That is, the stress of working through college can weigh down heavily on the GPA of students.




The reason is that; jobs that can offer students good take home at the end of the day can be very demanding plus such jobs are not readily available.


Before considering going through the hassle of searching for and taking up such demanding jobs, have you thought about being self-employed?


I mean, as a college student, have you tried coming up with creative ideas that can make you earn more working for yourself?


Well, if you haven’t, then it’s a good thing you are reading this piece right now. Being self-employed can do your ambition of getting good grades the world of good while helping you live reasonably comfortable on campus.


As a self-employed student, you will be able to manage your schedule better because you get to decide the days and hours that are convenient to work.


That said, it is quite surprising that more college students are not self-employed. Probably the reason could be that they lack the idea of what to do to make money on campus.


But if you are a college student that would like to gain some level of financial freedom on campus, then today is your lucky day. Below are 11 flexible ways you can make money on campus without compromising your college schedule.


  1. Get Good Grades:

Find out if your college offers students who maintain a good GPA some incentives. If yes and the incentives are in the form of cash bonuses, then make getting good grades your job.


  1. Look for opportunities to offer yourself to be used for research purposes:

Every now and then, medical scientists and market researchers carrying out studies. They either make use of animals or humans for these studies depending on the type of research.

Look for such opportunities on or around campus and offer yourself to the researchers. Being used for each of such studies could earn you as much as 10-20 huge dollars for doing close to nothing within a few hours.


  1. Audit Liquor Stores

Auditing liquor stores may not sound like an excellent job, but that shouldn’t bother you because you can earn more than enough at the end of the day.

Trust me; as a college student, you can earn as much as 50 dollars for every audit plus whatever compensation you may be given. And the best part is that you get to assign yourself to beer stores in any location of your choice.


  1. Buy online and get refunds on same items purchased when there is a drop in their prices:

Here is the trick, sign up for Paribus (free of charge) and leave the rest to them to handle. Whenever there is a drop-in price for any item you purchased on the web, there is every likelihood you are entitled to a refund. Paribus will find out for you, and if you are, they automatically get to work to help you get your refund without any service fee.


  1. Earn money you didn’t know rightfully belonged to you:

Surprised? Well, don’t be because some funds are legitimately yours to claim and now would be a good time to retrieve such cash. So, go online and visit the website of the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators. Check for any stuff that is duly yours and stake a claim.


  1. Get paid keeping dates with pets:

The daily routine of some pet owners is so tight that they rarely have time for their pets. If you are a pet lover, then you could be earning some cool cash doing what you most probably enjoy doing for fun.

Look for such pet owners especially around your campus and discuss the possibility of you helping them take their pets on an everyday hike for a specific fee.


  1. Earn money doing braid horse manes:

Do you enjoy braiding hair for others and have no problem interacting with animals? Then you have an excellent opportunity of earning some reasonable cash on campus. With some little braiding skills, you can save yourself the hassle finding a full-time job by engaging in braiding horses’ mane.

The job is stress-free, fun, and won’t interfere with your study because you get to fix a timetable that is okay for you as a college student.


  1. Do Odd Jobs.

You do know there are some friends and family members with a never-ending to-do list, right?

Well, get in touch with the ones nearest to you. They are probably in need of someone to hire who can help them get the odd jobs around the house done.


Tell them you are interested in doing the odd jobs around their houses, and I assure you that they will most likely accept to offer you the job. And you can be sure of earning as much as 25 dollars.


  1. Sell stuff online:

Do you know you can earn money selling just about anything on eBay? If you didn’t, now you do.


So, look for things around that are considered useless and go on eBay to post them with a price tag. I guarantee you that; you will be amazed how much those items are needed by someone else.


  1. Wash trash cans:

Agreed, this is not an attractive job, but it can earn you a lot of dollars as a college student. Not very many people can do the job of cleaning their trash cans, especially those who are wealthy and busy.


With those categories of people in mind, go about some nearby neighborhood of your choice and offer to help them clean their trash cans once every week for an agreed fee.


You can decide on every Saturdays or any other day that is convenient based on your study schedule. You can be sure of making more than $100 on a weekly basis depending on your number of clients and how willing you are to work.




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