Basic Chemistry (3rd Edition)

Intended for allied health programs, this colorful textbook describes combinations of atoms in molecules, the interaction of atoms and molecules in chemical reactions, the rates of reactions, the properties ofRead More

Managing the Mean Math Blues: Study Skills for Student Success (2nd Edition)

Is it possible for math-phobic students to learn math? Yes! Not only can they learn math, they can excel by learning the truly unique techniques in Managing the Mean MathRead More

Math Made Easy: Kindergarten Workbook (Math Made Easy)

The complete home-study program to help children practice the essential math skills they learn in school. Matches the math curriculum so your children will reach their full potential in schoolRead More

The Philosophy of Science: Science and Objectivity

This comprehensive textbook provides a clear nontechnical introduction to the philosophy of science. Through asking whether science can provide us with… objective knowledge of the world, the book provides aRead More
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